We offer unique solutions for digitization in special civil engineering …

… because work should be fun – for you and for us

We develop individual and innovative solutions for the digitization of special civil engineering and tunneling.

We create transparent processes and clear structures in which everyone can see the result of their own work – because we firmly believe that the best work is one that is enjoyable at the same time.

We are not your typical software company. We have a deep understanding of the construction process and take the time to fathom the individual needs of our customers, to find solutions that make everyone happy!

We go the path of digital change together with our customers. From the first meeting to the finished implementation, we accompany you through all process steps and remain a reliable contact beyond that.

We take care of details that nobody else thinks of, we don’t shy away from breaking new ground, and we get creative to make our own path – because we not only work flexibly like an iguana, but also firmly believe in the survival of those who adapt best.

With us you have a partner who wants to solve problems – and who can! No matter where you are stuck in the digitization process, we support you:

  • in the selection (or development) of the right tools
  • to capture all the data as you need it
  • with software, in order to be able to extract the most important things from the data quickly and easily
  • with experience in the field of digitization in order to optimize your project or your company

But because the most important factor is often not the device, but the person sitting behind it, we are always glad to put on our rubber boots and meet you right on the construction site. That way we can understand your requirements even better, find the optimal solution together and bring your entire team on board.

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Keep it simple!

because a construction site is complex enough

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