to have …

Not only are your devices top-notch, the data acquisition is also great and all the information you need can be found on the device. The only downer: the way from the device to you.

We can help with that! With our devices for data acquisition and transmission, we ensure that everything you need for evaluation is transferred quickly and easily from the device into the system.

That way you have all the data to hand at all times – even if it is not possible to visit the site in person.

… or not to have?

Data transfer is all well and good – but you have a much more fundamental problem: Your devices or employees cannot record something that is crucial for your work.

Challenge accepted!

We have a range of innovative measuring devices and sensors that cover a large number of special cases. In addition, we have a very good overview of the measurement technology currently available on the market and how the respective products are to be assessed.

Either way we will ensure that in the future you will receive all the data inthat you cannot currently record.

Our data collection and transmission tools

groundfynk MERLIN

An elegant bird of prey that kills its prey in flight – and with us, as a data logger, it not only accurately brings your data from the sensor to the server. Like its winged role model, our Merlin can also be trained perfectly to send instructions to an actuator, for example an electric slide or a valve, using individually adaptable logic.

A typical application example is its use as a level monitor, where Merlin sends out a corresponding alarm when a defined level is reached (for example when monitoring bentonite levels during diaphragm wall construction). It can also be used as an intelligent data logger that independently detects and programs temperature measurement chains and analyzes and stores their data.

Last but not least, Merlin always reminds you of the magician who makes you the data king of your construction site and puts an end to the uprising of unclean data transmission.

eguana TREX

Our giant lizard is a species of its own – because this app supports you in tracking and assigning manual activities in detail without needing any additional hardware. Use it easily on your mobile device – the direct connection to the construction site in SCALES goes without saying.

There are plenty of possible applications for our smartphone-compatible giant lizard. Starting with production processes, through disruptions in the construction process to secondary tasks: There are numerous activities on the construction site that are not based on machine data, but should nevertheless be recorded in terms of time. With eguana TREX you have an optimal overview at all times and can therefore more easily identify problems in the process and potential for optimization. In addition, TREX is of course fully integrated in SCALES, which means that the entire construction activity from morning to night can be recorded and analyzed.