Our goal

Work should be fun! For us, our customers, but also for our families, friends and partners. With our products we make work easier, more pleasant and more efficient. That way the time spent on site can be used sensibly and enough of it remains for family and private life.

That is why we create transparent processes and clear structures in which everyone can see the result of their own work. With room for rebellious minds and innovative ideas – because we not only work flexibly like an iguana, but also firmly believe in the continued existence of those who adapt.

How do we accomplish that?


We offer individual as well as general solutions for the digitization of special civil engineering and tunneling with the clear goal to make work easier, more pleasant and more efficient – because if you enjoy your work, you work better! This applies to our customers as well as to our own employees, who not only shape our corporate culture through their open attitude and tireless commitment, but also enable the unique service character with which we assist our customers.

The people behind the scenes

Who we are? Real people, not machines! We love our work and excel at finding new solutions. We are individuals that differ not only in our tasks but our personality. Find out more about the minds behind the eguana:

Cesare is our Tyrolean pocket knife, so to speak. He is studying civil engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, but can actually do just about anything: from design to conception and assembly of hardware. Striving for the optimum is characteristic of him: he is not satisfied with mediocre results.

Peter Weihs is really quite wise. After completing his training in mechatronics and electrical engineering he went on to study urban renewable energy technologies at the FH Technikum Wien. When he is not assembling cool hardware in our lab or conferring with our customers, he refines his C skills in his free time.

Like all  our „founding fathers”, Florian has an impressive academic career. He graduated with honors from both a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering. Then he ended up at Bosch Engineering GmbH (attentive readers may recognize a pattern here). At eguana, Florian heads our development team and is busy making our software better, faster and more comprehensive.

Like a true viking, Flo always strives for exciting challenges. The more complex a problem, the more enthusiastically he pounces on it.

Julia is our office allrounder! Since joining eguana, she has been helping out with pretty much everything not directly related to technology. The studied master of economics not ony manages our office, HR and marketing, she also keeps the overview of our projects, writes the occasional blog entry and coordinates our corona management.

She also holds the post of Main Motivator – from meeting deadlines to submitting time sheets on time to doing ten more push-ups at team events.

Our managing director Philipp (Ing., BSc, MSc, MLBT) does not usually throw his titles around – at this point they should be mentioned: The HTL degree for mechatronics & automation technology was followed by a bachelor’s degree in electronics and economics with a focus on embedded systems and a matching master’s degree (as well as one for law and economics). Part-time, of course – because in addition to his extensive training, Philipp first worked as a development engineer and then as head of mechatronics for Züblin Spezialtiefbau, later gaining experience in software development at Bosch Engineering GmbH.

Philipp is not yet 40. If you are now wondering, how this is possible: We are pretty sure that Philipp’s days have considerably more than 24 hours! How else could he find time for our blog in addition to customer service, project management, administrative tasks, team motivation and family?

Jössas, another Carinthian!

Joachim is already the second one on our team – and yet absolutely unique. The Master of Science studied medical informatics at the Vienna University of Technology and is an absolute enrichment for us – and not only in his function as a software engineer!

In his free time he is interested in a broad variety of things, from his sewing machine to the 3D printer, working in the garden or trying his hand at all kinds of sports, from yoga to skateboarding to sailing.

He is also a qualified fitness and mental trainer – always good to have someone like that on the team!

When the sense of direction was handed out, Anna had just got lost. All the better that her work has only peripherally to do with construction sites – she would probably never find her way back to the office. Instead, the trained journalist diligently writes texts for our homepage, our blog and for short descriptions worthy of the Nobel Prize in literature.

Bernhard enjoyed studying computer science so much that he made it to a doctorate. At the same time, he is studying human medicine – so his first PhD wont feel lonely. Professionally, he has specialized in the areas of software development and databases. Which is why he is the Lord of the Databases and is significantly involved in the development of sophisticated tools such as the upload tool.

In his free time he has perfected his cooking skills and from time to time delights the team with delicacies from his Cookomat 2000.

All good things come from above, and this goes for Karl Stadlober as well. With over 30 years of experience in all areas of opencast mining, the Senior Mining Engineer perfectly understands the needs of our customers and can thus ensure that our applications and developments are user-friendly. Nothing escapes his scrutinizing eye (typing errors in blog posts included).

Strengthened by years of sunbathing above the earth – not only because of his job, but many active hours as a triathlete (ladies and gentleman, we got ourselves an IRON MAN) – Karl now exchanges his sunglasses for a headlamp and goes out into the underground to optimize civil engineering with energy and expertise.

Skating, art and Eros Ramazotti – Philipp “Pablo” Eder’s areas of responsibility are as varied as his interests.

He supports our customers all the way from the initial contact through project management to the construction site. At the same time, our youngest (yes, the 2000s are allowed to work now!), who has completed a civil engineering HTL, is studying architecture – not a bad combination.  

Laura is the raisin counter in our team. Our accounting assistant has an eye for detail, checks invoice after invoice and ensures that everything is in order.

She also bakes an incredibly good apple strudel – tolerantly with and without raisins. The raisin haters in our team thanks her! But apart from that, our accounting assistant is simply a bomb – she comes from Scharten of all places, home of the Schartner bomb. If you can’t find it in our office, you should try it on the Danube Island!

The customer is king – and who better to take care of our customers than a namesake of the legendary British saga king? Instead of excalibur and shield, our Arthur Worbis heroically wields telephone and keyboard and takes care of everything that arises between customer support and acquisition. The fact that he has already tried out pretty much everything in his career, from bricklayer to foreman to structural engineer, and has been involved in the construction, renovation and conversion of buildings, is of great benefit to him (and to us!).  

In his spare time, too, he continues to build – in the apartment, on the caravan or with his children in the sandbox.  

A new addition to our eguana family – literally! Newcomer Pascal and “Pablo” Eder do not only share a love for tequila, but also family bonds (they are cousins). Born in Salzburg, Pascal takes care of SCALES, infrastructure, office problems and other technical frills.

From an early age, Pascal gained experience in tunnel construction in hours of Minecraft sessions. For this and many other reasons he fits perfectly into our herd of eguanas. Can it really be a coincidence that it bears the same name as the chameleon from the Disney film Rapunzel?

We have found new friends [frɛndz]! Our personal new Franz [frɛndz] is one of a kind.

He started out doing all sorts of little things, from research and data processing to small jobs in SCALES to organizing rental cars, insurance or CrossFit team events – no problem for Franz! By now he has worked his way up to our development team and is mainly responsible for the front end.

Fränz with Benefits, so to speak.

You want to know more about us? We are very flattered – and we enjoy sharing. Our company history for example, or an explanation of how we work at eguana.

company history

sometime in 2014

Our founding fathers are playing with the idea of ​​going self-employed with a digital data management platform – and will soon make their dream a reality.

january 17 2015

Hooray, it’s an eguana!
eguana is founded

october 23 2015

We can convince the Austrian Research Promotion Agency of our work and they agree to support our research

november 11 2015

We start with data monitoring for a construction project that is unique in its complexity: Feuerbach

Want to know more? Read our blog entry Digital? Perfect! Improvement possibilities in the special foundation engineering

december 1 2018

Relocation to our “first own” office in Zieglergasse in Central Vienna

september 1 2019

january 17 2020

We are celebrating five years of eguana!
(The festival planned for spring falls victim to Corona)

march 17 2021

There’s no place like home – especially when a new railway is being built in our hometown and we can be part of the process! eguana provides the data management for the construction of the U2/U5.

Join us!

We are always looking for passionate developers, motivated civil engineers and free spirits who want to advance our company! We also regularly accept interns and support bachelor and master theses.

We are nice, and so is working with us. There’s really not much more to say about it.

As a rule, diversity is not written at all here – it is lived. We are also so different that we could never agree on a spelling anyway.

The transport connections are great – as long as you don’t fly to the office in your own helicopter
… and in that case you probably have better things to do anyway. The U3 is in front of the door and Westbahnhof is within walking distance. You can do shopping efficiently and easily thanks to the location on the Mahü (locals know what we’re talking about) on the way home.

We have air conditioning – and we can operate it. So nobody has to work naked or with a thick jacket, even in summer.

We all enjoy homeoffice. But not all week – otherwise we wouldn’t see each other 😉

Flexible time management goes without saying.

The babysitter is sick and you prefer to work from home? No problem!
The colleague brings his children to the office and you prefer to work from home? No problem!

Of course there is always coffee. And tea. And water. Occasionally even protein shakes and smoothies.

On Mondays, we start the week with a small breakfast at the office. Weren’t we just talking about the reasons for “coming into the office”? There’s another one here.

Every month, we do a team event, from exercising to games to dining. Participation is of course voluntary, but rest assured: you will not want to miss it.

Every office has a fruit basket – we have a team that regularly supplies us with cake.

Of course we would like to offer you – and everyone else – a six-figure monthly salary. But the finance department says we can’t. Nevertheless, we offer you a fair salary according to your qualifications & experience, as well as a lot of other benefits.

We always value fresh ideas – regardless of whether it is about your direct work area or you have some other idea how we can become even better!

We combine the interesting work areas and the flat hierarchy of a startup with the stability of a group. The best of both worlds! Where else can you be so creative without having to worry about your workplace?

We regularily get together to discuss past and future projects so that every member of our team knows where we stand and what we are doing.

In between, you can let out your inner child and make a fool of yourself on the balance board – or watch your colleagues doing it.

Looks like an ironing board – is called “sit-stand” (swear!) and is a height-adjustable workstation that allows you to work while sitting or standing. Ergonomic, practical, good.

And the eguana?

For everyone who is still wondering whats the meaning of the iguana:

The answer is simple – just like our system!

An Iguana is robust and extremely adaptable, like our products.

Except that our iguana is written with an “e”. “E” for “electronic”, but also “embedded” and “extraordinary”. An e, as versatile as we are – and our eguana.


We are aways happy to hear from you!

eguana GmbH
Zieglergasse 3/2
1070 Wien
+43 1 996 20 42

Elektronic Development
Peter Weihs

HR & Marketing
Julia Stefaner