Of legendary iguanas and quick finches

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”

The sentence said from the Red Queen to Alice in Lewis Carrol´s “Through the Looking-Glass” stands today for a ground laying assumption of the evolution biology. It says that animal and plant species are in a constant race to evolve in order to maintain their ecological niche. Thus, evolution is a must – just like at eguana.

Evolution is our foundation; its most famous representative, Charles Darwin, basically our godfather. Just like him, we know of the importance of constant evolving and therefore, we have a reason to celebrate on February 12!

While Darwin is celebrating his 211th birthday, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary – and we are celebrating this with a very special gift to ourselves:

Make two from one – eguana und groundfynk

Once there was an i(e)guana that felt very lonely.
Then he met a groundfynk, from then on, they were together.

Somewhat like that, only with less rhythm and lyrical perfection, but biological accuracy, actually happened when the Galapagos iguana, once described by Darwin, went into a symbiosis with the ground finch. Also, our own eguanas get support by quick birds and therefore, full with pride, we present you our newest family member in form of our new sister groundfynk.

We live evolution

In our five-year history so far, we have made a big step with eguana SCALES (more about our greatest innovation here) in the construction industry. For all stakeholders we provide a tool that collects and visualises all data in real-time. But what we also learned is the fact that the shoe doesn’t just squeeze at this point. In addition, problem-specific, individual software, hardware and firmware solutions are required, which is exactly why we founded groundfynk.

Groundfynk is dedicated to the development of electronic solutions, precisely tailored to the wishes and needs of customers. We are not only expanding our company, but also our perspective. With well-known, competent talents and new, helping hands, we are expanding our portfolio and daring to venture out of the world of civil engineering like a finch, ready to leave our mark on the rest of the world.

Just like Darwin we share our knowledge – for example, our managing director Philipp Maroschek gave a lecture at the VÖBU (Association of Austrian drilling, well construction and special civil engineering companies) drilling master’s course at the end of February. The aim and motivation behind it were to familiarise the prospective drilling masters and pump drivers with the topic of digitisation, so Philipp tried to „relieve the fear of dealing with digital systems, discuss problems and support them, to implement digitisation accordingly as well.“

Safe is safe: drilling master Philipp

A dynamic, young team, full of drive and ideas – we don´t just throw these words around, no, we live them and let the wheel of evolution spin! What can go wrong?

If you would like to join us on this exciting new phase of your life, if you are enthusiastic about programming or can provide useful information about potential groundfynks, or if you just want to know more, please send us an email to office@groundfynk.at

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Von Anna Riedler

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