Work hard, work hard, build a wee tunnel!

March 11 is all about the work. At least if you believe in the calendar of curious holidays. This day pays tribute to office work (on the one hand with the day of the nap at the workplace, on the other hand with the refill-your-stapler-day) and the manual work (with the world piping day and the adore-your-tool-day).

That´s something we can relate to here at eguana. Because even though we absolutely treasure our free time, we luckily can say that we have turned our passion into a profession by working at eguana.

We have already done the yearly spring cleaning on our desks (many thanks to our cleaning lady!) and can use our perfectly cleaned and disinfected, corona-free desks for new work – project manager and civil engineer Michael will tell us more about that.


Michael, your job in 10 words:

Project management, acquisition, planning, sales, marketing, support – I’m on site!

What´s new at eguana? What has happened so far in 2020?

It is fun to do so many different tasks (in addition to my core area of project management)! I’ve always been the changeable guy who quickly gets bored with monotony. In order to substantiate the whole thing with technical knowledge, I have been studying part-time again since autumn, doing an MBA in General Management. The most exciting development for me is the increasing internationalisation of eguana! In the past few years we have made a name for ourselves in German-speaking countries and are sniffing the first successes across borders. Being part of this growth and being able to be a little driving force is great!

What´s on for the rest of the year regarding work? What´s still to come, what would you wish for?

I think 2020 will be a very exciting year for us! The relevance of ConTech (digitisation of the construction industry) is becoming more and more noticeable – and now also in Central Europe. We have an innovation and information advantage over the competition and want to continue to optimise processes together with our customers and create higher quality on the construction site (both in terms of construction and work technology).

If you had to describe your work at eguana with a book or film title, what would you choose?

Ocean´s 12 – my name is not Danny Ocean (but Michael Ouschan) but it´s close. I also have 11 great colleagues with whom nothing is impossible. And the number 12 in my private life is also a Julia (and luckily not Roberts, all the publicity would be too much for me!).

Which quote would you use to describe yourself?

“You can´t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

It often feels like requests are literally falling over me. It wasn’t easy at first, but I learned how to deal with it. It’s like kitesurfing, you must adapt to changing conditions and not fight them, then you will enjoy what you do.

full focus on the next wave

The most important question comes in the end: how do you celebrate the 11th of March? With a powernap on your desk? Do you refill your stapler? Or do you erect a shrine for your tool with your tool?

I definitely go for the powernap – what else? You have to enjoy the brakes you get. There is always a next wave.


We are pleased (especially Julia) to announce our new team member. Since January we have new support in accounting and controlling: Alena put an emphasis on economics early on and after her graduation at a high school for economic professions she did her bachelor’s degree at Johannes Kepler University Linz with a focus on corporate finance, international management, production and logistics management. Fortunately, in addition to her master’s degree at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, there is enough time to help us a little. With her in the office, we feel doubly safe – on the one hand against mistakes in the accounting, on the other hand also against injuries. Because in her free time, Alena trains to be a paramedic.

After all, safe is safe – on the construction site, but also in the office.

For us it is now time to go back to work. “Work, work, my life for the horde,” as said in the computer game Warcraft 3.


Credit Titelbild: Larisa Koshkina auf Pixabay

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