Credit: Gramatke

A German proverb says „On the back of a horse, true happiness can be found.“ It should rather read ‘Unhappy horses lie under the ground’. One of these horses was disturbed in its last rest and brought to the surface by Hendrike Gramatke. eguana asked the construction manager at Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau GmbH what else is… Continue reading BONES, BOMBS AND BUNKERS – UNEXPECTED UNDERGROUND


Credit: Anna Riedler/Cesare Schwabl

Scientific information is often difficult to understand, full of technical terms and and complicated formulas. We have talked to civil engineer Jan Onne Backhaus about evolutionary algorithms for our current article in a way that everyone – from geneticists to computer scientists to elementary school children – can understand it. Promise. ***** When the Queen… Continue reading EVOLUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERING


Credit: pixabay

No, there are no canaries in the center on the mountain (ZaB, – there is no Balrog either. However, attentive miners can encounter foxes and snakes, explains Robert Wenighofer, research assistant at the Chair for Subsurface Engineering at the Montan University Leoben. Together with university professor Robert Galler he took us on an mental… Continue reading INTO THE MOUNTAIN

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Erkundungsbohrungen im Salzbergbau (Credit: Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH/Thorsten Kratz)

“Wherever he saw a hole he always wanted to know the depth of it. To him this was important. ” The path of Thorsten Kratz might not lead all the way to the center of the earth, but nevertheless into unknown depths. In the best manner of science-fiction-prophet Jules Verne, the civil engineer and project… Continue reading Journey to the Center of the Earth

sometimes its the little things – what our widgets can do

Just as the Good Witch of the North needs her Munchkins and supervilllain Gru can’t work without his Minions, we at eguana sometimes need a little help from our friends, namely our widgets. They support and beautify eguana SCALES. Find out all about what widgets actually are and what our special widgets can do in… Continue reading sometimes its the little things – what our widgets can do